Tin Can Acres {Denison, TX – Real Estate}

I had a unique opportunity to troop out to Tin Can Acres for a Real Estate shoot! Trust me. This was completely different from my normal portraits and weddings. However, I just could not pass up this shoot! A restored, retro trailer? Are you kidding me?

Tin Can Acres is nestled back in the trees and just far enough off the beaten path to grant its guests a little alone time. With its own outdoor eating and sitting area, this nook is a perfect weekend get-away – pink flamingos and all.
The inside is decorated with everything retro! From bold prints and colors, to vintage pieces and tons of details, this 50s-style space was screaming to be photographed! And boy, did I have a blast! The blue floor is a definitely a fav! As for the blue and green accents scattered throughout, well…I was just a sucker from the get-go. Too cute!
One of my favorites is the LIFE magazine. Did you also notice the door’s cool reflection?

Check out this fun table setting. Both the chandelier and the dishes remind me of the Jetsons TV show – not sure what that means, exactly!The coolest part about Tin Can Acres is that everything works! While this cute space is retro in design, all the pieces are in complete working order. That’s right, even this vintage radio.
The bedroom carries on the same retro and spacious feel as the rest of the house. No lack of complimenting stripes and patterns here!If you’re ever in the neighborhood or need a few days away from the daily marathon (I know I do!), then stop by, flip on some Sinatra, and enjoy a relaxing stay at Tin Can Acres.

Sarah K

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